Linux drivers and repositories

I currently maintain the following repositories and standalone Linux drivers.

The easiest way to get a driver is to download the tar file and untar it. It will untar into a directory with the driver's name. If you are familiar with git, you can also check out the sources directly from github.

To build and install a driver, cd into the driver directory and execute "make" followed by "sudo make install".

Drivers not available in the Linux Kernel

The following drivers have not been accepted into the kernel for one reason or another and are only available here.

Description Links
Driver for Devantech USB-ISS USB to I2C adapter
Driver for Silicon Labs Si570 and compatibles

Drivers also available in the Linux Kernel

The following drivers are also available in the latest version of the Linux kernel. The versions here may include new functionality not yet available in the kernel.

Description Links
Driver for Diolan U2C-12 and DLN-2-U2C
Driver for IT87xx Super I/O chips
Driver for PMBus devices
Driver for w83627ehf and variants, including NCT6775F and NCT6776F
New driver for NCT6775F, NCT6776F, and NCT6779D (more functionality)

Staging repository for Linux hwmon drivers

This repository is used to submit hwmon drivers into the upstream Linux kernel.

Branch Description Links
master Master branch, forked from upstream Linux repository
hwmon Queued bug fixes. Patches in this branch will typically be submitted upstream within a few days, and may be candidates for backporting into older stable releases.
hwmon-next New functionality queued for next release. The patches in this branch will be submitted for upstream integration in the next commit window.
hwmon-staging New functionality. This code is not quite ready to be submitted, but is ready to for testing.